Lake Issyk Kul Kyrgyzstan 2010. Vorprojekt

In Zusammenarbeit mit Maria Arquero de Alarcón.
Architektur: Estudio A0, Quito, Ecuador.

Lake Issyk Kul has played an important role since the inception of human history due to its geographic location at the crossing of Indo-Aryan and other nomadic routes.

Two themes, The geomorphology and the human settlements , the topographic stratification and the existence of wall ruins in the lake, give the keys for the project.

The topographic stratification characteristic of the lake is translated in the project, in a sort of vegetation terraces system.

The logic of the plantation follows that of the construction. There where is denser constructed is also denser planted. The closer we approach to the water the lower und less dense the vegetation is, letting place to the sand beach.

The landscape of the site is of great ecologic and esthetic value. The plants used in the project grow all on the area, and have little need, or no need at all, of irrigation.

A balance between the geometrical constructions and the efficient street system and the preservation and put into value of the existing wildeness reach a clearly sitespecific landscape.

The ruins from all civilizations are translated in small concrete constructions acompany by vegetation that sprawl, with apparent lack of logic, generating small „oasis pockets“. Spaces to sit, lay or play. Small constructions surrounded by a virgin landscape. Floating platforms that lay on the steppe, the sand and the water.

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Studie 2010