Strategic Plan for Bülach North, 2010. Study

Architecture: Bétrix & Consolascio, Zurich.
Client: City of Bülach, Vetropack.

Existing height differences between the railway tracks and the upper edge of the street are resolved in outdoor spaces on three levels. The two upper levels unfold out of the new development complex structure and embody the corresponding new city district. They are clearly distinguished from the flowing, open landscape of the lower level, where the rail lines lie.
One can thus identify two levels: that of the city and that of the landscape, which are differentiated both in their expression and typology.

The scale of the landscape depicts a dynamic plane, defined by drainage areas and ruderal vegetation /Onopordion-Hordaetum hystricis, (Ruderalvegetation) through which rain water from higher-lying areas filter.
Water plays a central role throughout the project. Various types of spaces treat it in different manners: reflective, calm, running, spraying and trickling.
Squares compose a sequence of varying spaces, extending from the level of the city down to that of the landscape. Each individual square exists on a different level and is thus individually marked by the architectonic composition and materialisation.

The three levels are connected with several stairways. Some of these staircases are colonized by trees and are interpreted as special places to linger.
Courtyards depict hidden spaces, alienated through the introduction of artificial landscape elements. Topography and vegetation lend a unique character to each court. One can differentiate between a water court, an oak court, and tulip tree courts.

Bülach North

Study 2010