New York City, 2008. International Ideas Competition ENYA (Emerging New York Architects), 3rd Prize

Carola Antón in collaboration with Gabriel Walti.
Client: Seamen’s Church Institute, AIA New York State.

South Street Seaport is the only area in Manhattan which still retains a low profile and historic maritime architecture. In order to preserve its qualities and reinforce its identity without converting the area into a museum district, 3 guidelines are proposed for future developments: keeping the atmosphere and roughness of the place; reusing existing buildings and reinterpreting former uses; and open space playing a main role in the strategy. Where the city meets the river(s), things happen(ed).

Maximize the perimeter of water-to-land contact.
Reinforce the horizontality of the skyline using spaces under the FDR.

South Street Seaport New York City

Competition 3rd Prize 2008