Rheinsteg Rheinfelden, 2015. Anonymous International Restricted Project Competition. 3th Prize

Architecture & Engineering: ARGE Conzett Bronzini Gartmann AG+Bänziger Partner AG.
Client: City of Rheinfelden (Aargau), Switzerland and City of Rheinfelden (Baden), Germany.

The task of the project competition was to design  a new bridge across the Rhine as link between Rheinfelden in Aargau, Switzerland and Rheinfelden in Baden Württemberg, Germany.

With a  span of 210 m of the river,  a suitable suspension bridge avoids any intervention in the river basin.  Its design  has a single pylon on the German side (north)  and the supporting cables are anchored to the river bank (south). Thus, the bridge takes every opportunity offered by the topography of a suspension bridge. Due to the minimal form of the bridge the panorama of the two banks of the Rhine does not interrupt. The different character of the two banks of the Rhine is also reflected in the diverse design of the two bridge entrances.

The bridge serves several functions: besides the short connection for pedestrians and cyclists between the Swiss Rheinfelden and the German Transit Line, it offers on the track of the old bridge an extension of the swiss park promenade, and over the new bridge allows a pleasant and culturally enriched walk through the German forest. On the eastern bank of the Rhine, one passes through the historical center and city parks, while on the western bank, there is to find a topographic gesture with dense mature trees. If one stands on the bridge, the view on both side gently reveals the rolling foothills of the Jura, and the old town.

Pedestrian and cycle bridge connecting Switzerland-Germany

Competition 3rd Prize 2015