Seville, 2008. International Ideas Competition for Art-interventions in the city, Finalist

Carola Antón in collaboration with Pilar Garcia Abril, Art Professor, Spain.

Lending its title from Garcia Lorca’s poem “Verde que te quiero verde”, this project’s roots lie in the relationship of nature to culture in an urban context, a heritage from the Arabic culture which has been kept alive in the streets of Seville until the present day. The geometry of “El patio de los Naranjos” is an example of this contemplation of nature from a scientific – aesthetic point of view.

In the facade of the School of Fine Arts, a vertical “Huerto” (vegetable garden) is proposed as a sign of identity: a reinterpretation of the urban productive landscape in the context of the cultural memory of the city.

Using a simple structure of cables and pulleys, a vertical, hydroponic cultivation generate a new topography with varied colors that talks about productivity in a world where cultivated land is being overcome by the city’s expansion.

International Biennial Contemporary Art Seville

Competition Finalist 2008