Berlin, 2015 DE. International restricted open space competition 2. Stage

Traffic planner: IBV Hüsler AG.
Visualisation: Yoshihiro Nagamine.
Client: Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt Berlin

The train station Ostkreuz is one of the largest transfer train stations in Berlin. Finished the construction works for the new station, a new design is required for the four squares surrounding the stations accesses. These squares should function as connectors to the nearby neighborhoods, providing a high quality out space and integrating a complex traffic and connection system.

The Train Station Ostkreuz lies on the former route from Niederschlesisch Märkischen train line. Through the crossing of the city railway system and the regional trains, the station became one of the most important commuting station in Berlin. With a daily rate of 100.000 people, who get in- out- of a train or change for another connection, the station and its surroundings should work as important spaces for the orientation within the complexity of public transport in Berlin. Therefore the project clarifies the spacial situation with a simple design language, getting inspired in the traces found by the surrounded open spaces. City, landmarks and water are the main actors in the new Ostkreuz station scenery.

The northern and southern covered station accesses are two important welcoming spaces for travelers and residents. These spaces are conceived as glimmering colored carpets, bringing the nearby but hardly perceived waterscape in this urban context.

Design of four new squares at Bahnhof Ostkreuz Berlin DE

Competition 2015