Residential Development Huebacher, 2012-2015. Selected competition, 1. Preis

Architecture: Bräuninger Sauter, Zürich.
Client: Rotach Baugenosenschaft, Zürich.

Having a walk from the old town towards the forest behind the new housing development Huebacher called Michelholz, one becomes aware the way native vegetation increases. The new residential development is surrounded and structured by a landscape of reforested local vegetation. The buildings, with its extensive Vegetation on their roofs, and their private gardens are perceived as intarsia within the new dense surround vegetation.

The topography and the differentiated  level and intensity of maintenance allow to distinguish areas with a specific atmosphere: Adjacent to the existing Forest Michelholz, the vegetation can be seen in form of a loose bosk; at an intermediate level the same vegetation is to be seen in form of shrubs 1.20m height; at the lower level, along the street, this vegetation takes the shape of a clear defined hedge; finally at the lowest level, solitaire trees come along at each house entrance. The horizon is therefore through the degree of cultivation in each level staged and emphazised. Also the variety of tree species decreases towards the lower areas of the new residential out space.

The elongated plot ends with a playground with a grill and few tables where the residents can gather under the shade of the trees brought from the forest.

The Residential development Huebacher has won the Price Naturmade 2015.

Residential development Huebacher Rümlang ZH

Project 2012- 2015