Lake view Arbon, 2016. Non-anonymous selective Study Contract, 1. Preis

Architects: Caruso St John, Zürich.
Client: HRS Real Estate AG Frauenfeld.

Within the planning perimeter, south of the city of Arbon, which offers a unique view to the Lake Constance and the Alpstein mountain, the study asked to propose 40-50 high-end apartments of divers size catering a wide range of residents.

The open spaces around the two apartment blocks are design as individual sensual gardens, surrounded by open spaces inviting to relax and gathering. The newly planted vegetation resembles the native vegetation of the coastline and extends the natural habitat inside the project perimeter. The transition between public areas and private gardens is design as gradual shift from coastal vegetation to large-leafed scrub and bushes.

Additionally, two pavilions activate the public space and offer different activities to the community. Near the lake, an open pavilion attached with a paved open area and a shade-giving maple tree invites the community to meet and host events while the second pavilion (closer to the entrance and the road) is design as closed structure, offering storage facilities. At the main entrance to the plot, a little square welcomes visitors and residents, and is connected with paths to the two main buildings.

Lake view Arbon Residence, CH

ompetition 1st Prize 2016. Project 2016- 2018