Wollerau, 2015. Two stages competition, 1. Preis

Architecture: Derendinger Jaillard Architekten AG, Zürich.
Client: Gemeinde Wollerau, Kanton Schwyz.

The 1895 inaugurated school building of Ruggelmatt represent a significant architectural heritage in the centre of the village Wollerau and is listed as national heritage building. The competition asked for an extension of the existing building, an additional new building and a redefinition of the open space. The proposed design highlights the potential of the site to function as attractive public space for the village and as school yard.

The additional building volume,  follows the topographic conditions of the site, respects the small scale of the surrounding village structure and allows entrances and open spaces at different levels. This sensitive integration of the new building in the existing structures creates a sequence of clearly defined open spaces that are, overlaid by diverse functions, further distinguished and refined.

In the centre of the assemble, the schoolyard is design as attractive, shady open square that can be used for school meetings, village markets and communal gatherings. A roof, connecting the old school building and the new construction site offers additional, protected open space. Furthermore, the design defines areas of extensive sports activities, a school garden, more intimate places and a separate garden attached to the day nursery.

The overall concept for the new open spaces around the school buildings integrates the school into the village structure and creates an open core with multiple uses that is flexible to evolve together with village community.

Education and Encounter Centre Wollerau CH

Competition 1st Prize 2015. Project 2016- 2018