Parc Sigst, 2016. Non-anonymous invited Study Contract, 1. Preis

Client: Municipality Erlenbach

The centre of Erlenbach is characterised by decades of spatial planning initiatives dealing with the constant growth of population and the goal of urban densification. The project study aims to develop a concept for a chronological development of a diverse range of qualitative public open spaces.

The project proposal for the introverted „secret“ garden defines a sequence of distinct related open spaces and works with clear visual intelligibility, as well as accessibility adequate to the different situations in the surroundings. By referencing the new concept to historic sequence of villa, courtyard and garden, the projects aims to design a, trough vegetation and topography, clearly defined atmospheric sequence of spaces.

The chronological development ensures a flexible integration of open planning processes without the loss of coherent atmospheric impressions and the qualitative characteristics of the surrounding urban fabric. To activate the open space, the design suggests the implementation of an existing protected building which could host a cafe at the entrance of the park and make the link to the train Station. Additionally, newly created paths allow pedestrian connections between the Railway station Erlenbach and the Dorfstrasse.

„Parc Sigst“ Erlenbach, CH

Competition 1st Prize 2016