St. Moritz, 2010. Project Competition with prequalification, 5th Prize

Architecture: Buchner Bründler Architects, Basel.

A phenomenon is an occurrence that is experienced through the senses. The Engadine Valley lies in the geographic centre of the Alps and is thus at the core of the highest mountain mass in Europe. The resulting geological, topographic, and meteorological phenomena are a particularly representative characteristic of this region.

In both the exterior and interior spaces of the project, phenomena of the alpine world are expressed in the design: sheer cliffs in the climbing hall, crevices in the building structure, the fluid landscape of the exterior resulting from glacial movement, and water as a formative geological element in nature. The latter is perceivable in several different forms: as steam, rain, ice, snow, flowing water, and as a lake. Within the perimeter of the design on the site, the theme involves the morphological observation of a fluid landscape, in which the new building hast come to rest like a large boulders. The spatial organisation of the exterior space is defined by the paths of the sun as well as by views.

In regard to use, a private exterior space for the pool guests is differentiated from a public space fused with the existing environment. Apertures and renaturation of the existing, embedded stream running south to the Via Mezdi forms a natural border between the public flower meadows and the private lawns(Liegewiese). Due to the opening of the watercourse, the element of naturally flowing water is thematised.

Water is the central theme of the project: on the forecourt/trapping court (Einfangsplatz), it appears in the form of a polygonal drinking fountain; on the slope as naturally flowing water; on the lawns(Liegewiese) in the form of a polygonal wading pool; and inside the building in the form of small and larger pools of water.

In the building openings – in building gaps and courts – varied aggregate states of water can be found: rainwater, snow, ice, and steam.

Indoor Pool Centre St. Moritz

Competition 5th Prize 2010