Oberägeri, 2010-2013

Architecture: Lofterød Stojanovic Architects, Zurich.
Client: Odd Roar Lofterød, Oberägeri.

@ Giuseppe Micciché

Etymology of the word Oberägeri: a Romansch – Old High German combination of “Acer” Lat. = Acorn and “-eia” = Field (floodplain). “Ägeri” thus means „land on water with acorn trees,“ which accurately fits the description of the village of Oberägeri am See, according to location as well as the presence of acorn trees. In the project, the acorn trees, naturally represented in the area, appear in different habitats: as highly-stemmed trees, as large and small Strauchbaeume, and as a shrubbery. Spatially, the exterior spaces around the houses act as a labyrinth, whose orientation and views are defined by the shrubs/perennials(Stauden) and hedge plantings.

Schwerzelweg Houses

Project 2010- 2013