Büren an der Aare, 2010. Competition with prequalification, 1st Prize

Architecture: Phalt Architects, Zurich.
Client: Municipality Büren an der Aare.

The competition perimeter lies on the grounds of a primary and secondary school, in the immediate vicinity of the historic town centre of Büren an der Aare.

The urban design approach strengthens various access points for the entire complex (Uferzine and Waeidweg in the north, as well as Biel and Aarberg Street in the south), and connects the different locations to one another. Confident placement at an attractive location emphasizes the function of the auditorium as an integral part of the building’s public nature. Through its location on the northeast border of the site, the largest possible distance is left to the schoolhouse, under historic preservation, which also allows outdoor space flow between the two structures.

Besides the existing access points from Aarberg Street by means of plane trees Avenue, and from Aare through Uferweg, accessibility is possible from the newly designed parking lot on the corner of Biel Street. From the lot, a wide pathway lined with trees and benches leads between the gymnasium and the secondary school building to the forecourt of the auditorium. Parking occurs under loose tree cover comprised of fruit-bearing trees on pea gravel parking areas. Fruit trees accompany the path from the parking lot to the auditorium and create a thematic connection. The existing plane trees Avenue to the primary school is retained as a self-contained and supplemented element. Riverbank vegetation is continued and partially denser along the Aare supplementing the existing protected trees.

School and Public Space Büren

Competition 1st Prize 2010