St. Gallen, 2011. Selected Competition, 3rd. Prize

Architecture: Karamuk Kuo Architekten, Zürich.
Client: Stadt St. Gallen.

As the name Guggeien (etym = watch) suggests, it invites to admire the infinite horizon and traditional cultural landscape in the region of the Lake Constance . An agricultural landscape characterized by undulating and  generous orchards and meadows, interrupted here and there by small hamlets, linear bush and hedges, and complemented with specimen trees – mostly walnut trees that emerged over the centuries from the former forest. Some nature relics of the Ice Age moraines represent the highest surviving forest and wildlife parks Peter and Paul.

From the Urban planning point of view the plot makes the transition between the open landscape and the built structure of the existing settlement. The Project is oriented to the existing linear built structure along the road in favour of the open agricultural space.

The main concept emphasizes on the existing scenic elements. The flowing meadow with the old walnut trees, the edge of the forest and the water stream to be open are retained, reinforced by the minimal interventions such as:  the planting of other nut trees, the establishment of an observation deck and the creation of meandering pathways. Typologically, all the infrastructural interventions, such as water retention basins and  bicycle parking places are conceived in relation to the building. The building footprint is restricted to a minimum surface. As a result the marvel of the infinite horizon only gets framed by the new housing buildings.

Housing Development Höchster Strasse St. Gallen

Competition 3rd Prize 2012