Lenzburg, 2008. Invited Competition, 1st Prize, Execution planning by general contractor

Architecture: am architecture, Lenzburg.
Client: CPV/CAP Dornach.

The two structures portray the image of a green, shattered stone, lying divided on the meadow. These two pieces represent private living space (apartments, terraces, and gardens). Private gardens are situated along the exterior, ’smooth‘ edge. A courtyard occupies the interior area. Long, drawn-out terraces form a stratification of the faƧade. Thus, the concept of brokenness is strengthened, while a distance to the apartments on the first floor is simultaneously achieved. Brokenness becomes an interesting design theme in the courtyard.

Two volumes sustain the large scale of the Widmi Park. The existing project contains an urban scale, which hints analogically to medieval streets in the historic town centre. A strong identity and high quality of living is evoked through well-proportioned exterior spaces. The Widmi Park has a clearly defined end in the form of the eastward building component. Exterior spaces are assigned and differentiated. Hedges form the terminus to the public park and to Ammerswiler Street. Ground-level apartments are mezzanine-style, which extends from the private garden zones until the hedges. Thus, the largest possible zone for privacy and protection from intrusive views is guaranteed. A tree-pit and atrium divide the inner lane into different exterior spaces. Diverse places, perspectives, and lingering spaces with water games arise in the generously dimensioned playground. Wide gravel strips interspersed with loosely planted grasses lead to the buildings. The „orchard“ of play equipment composes the link to the Widmi Park, which is directly accessible through apertures.

Housing Development Widmi

Competition 1st Prize 2008