Zurich, 2012. Comissioned study, 1. Prize

Architecture: Baumann Roserens, Zürich.
Transport Planner: Stadtraumverkehr, Zürich
Client: SBB

Schlieren Central Station is strategically located in a historic crossing becoming nowadays a sort of „foyer or lobby“ for the visitors, while the surrounding areas represent the spatial transition between the old southern village and the new developments on the former industrial site.

By using  three architectural elements: a steel roof, a longitudinal building and a point building, the urban space suggests  a  journey through a sequence of places with different quality, which are all embraced in  one main barrier-free space.  The resulting street-piazza is animated by a field of trees grouped in different densities creating a rhythm along the square .

The planting scheme inspiration comes from the common tree arrangement  in front of agricultural farm buildings in central Europe. It was also popular to find in the squares a  single broad-leaved lime tree, an oak or a chestnut positioned in front of the houses . In other cases, some groups of lime or oak trees  were  typically placed on the sunny side to provide protection from the weather and lightning. That was precisely  the appearance of Schlieren rural landscape, which has changed considerably since the 17th Century .

Schlieren Railway Station Development

Project 2018