Wetzikon, 2013. Commissioned study 2. Prize

Architecture: Caruso St John Architects , London/Zürich.
Ingenieure: Conzett Bronzini Gartman, Chur.
Client: HIAG Inmobilien.

The site development of Schoenau suggests the refurbishment and adequation of unused fabric warehouses to turn them into new houses and office spaces, while introducing a brand-new building.

The landscape potential is recognizable after appreciating few distinctive historical elements that remained overtime. One of the most important features is a planted park from 1854 and its beautiful lake from the late 19th century. Nevertheless, few other interesting elements as the small cultivated gardens created by the workers from the warehouses, and some other landscape typologies disappeared gradually.

Based on the future residential use, the project pretends to restore the previous relationship with gardens as connecting element that used to integrate the old warehouses, the former housing and the open space. In this way, the garden is once again conceived, not only for cultivating purposes, but also as a historical heritage of the site. The garden style finds its visible representation in three different ways through the recurrent use of a pruned hedge to clearly define the different spaces with diverse character.:

– The “Larix Garden” : Preserving and emphasizing the existing historical Larix tree, while providing a ideal and strategic gathering point

– The “Elongated Garden” : Embracing the new housing development while enhancing the connectivity sitewide

– The “Forest Garden” : Highlighting the most representative tree species : Tilia and Fagus. It is defined also as a hidden garden through the woods becoming an attractive place to discover by children

In addition, the project pretends to clarify the relationship with the built environment and the iconic lake, by recovering the former alley that used to accompanied the course of water.

Urban development Schönau-Areal/Northern Area Wetzikon

Competition 2nd Prize 2013