Mairena del Aljarafe, Seville Spain, 2008. Open Competition, 2nd Prize

Carola Antón in collaboration with M. Negrin y O. Ormaetxea.
Client: Building and Construction Authority, Seville, Spain.

The necessity for the creation of new infrastructure was the catalyst for a general redesign of this urban space. For a grounds including circa 20 hectares on the Porzuna River, a new concept was to be developed containing new playing field complexes, a botanical garden, and most importantly, a concept to provide a high recreational value for the people of Seville. Beyond the qualities of the landscape-architectonic design, the jury was primarily convinced by the ecological design approach to occur during the transformation process of the grounds.

Water is a theme of central importance to the design concept. Rainwater takes advantage of the natural topographical situation, as it is collected from existing and planned future construction and utilised for park maintenance. The water retention pool, channels, and a reference to the stream create exciting landscape sequences and serve as invitation to linger and play.

Parque Central de Porzuna

Competition 2nd Prize 2008