Ice hockey Stadium, 2013. International Competition  1. Preis

Architecture: Caruso St John Architects , London/Zurich.
Ingenieur: Conzett Bronzini Gartman, Chur.
Client: ZSC Lions.

The aim of the competition of a new hockey arena in Zurich,  is to create a home stadium for the local clubs:  ZSC Lions Club Zurich in the developing urban area of Altstetten-Juch.

Within an heterogeneous surroundings, the future sports venue appears with its clear volume as a prelude to the urban city. The character of the project oscillates between a large monumental building and its delicate facade as a reminiscence of a tent structure, which develops behind the „Theatre of Dreams“.
The ice-hockey arena is defined by a training hall to the north and the volleyball arena on the south. The new complex has four different sides in which diverse situations emerge. Each side response to desired functional requirements. On one hand, the long sides are closed and get a festive character in both ends towards the city, which are complemented by generous outdoor areas. Some atmospheric terraces for the VIP and business lounge provide an outstanding view of the city and the Limmat that invite to relax. FInally, the main access to the building located in the lower level, has been nicely conceived as a porch that allow to comfortably pause before entering or after exiting the building. All the external spaces are also meant to be used by the local community.
At the southern end of the stadium, from where most visitors will come,  two monumental stairs lead directly onto a large communal terrace. The new walkway creates a direct connection from the stadium to the tram system , highlighting an important presence in the infrastructure and achieving a human scale.

ZSC Ice hockey Stadium, Zurich Altstetten

Competition 1. Prize 2013. Project 2016- 2018