Zürich, 2009. Project Realisation 2010

Architecture: Baumann Roserens Architects, Zurich.
Client: Miriam and Andreas Cavegn, Zürich.

The family Cavegn’s property is located in a villa district near the Lake of Zurich. It is heavily influenced by the structure of surrounding gardens, which feature a park-like composition of large and small trees, shrubs, and fields. The large trees mainly consist of indigenous species, while small trees and shrubs are often of exotic heritage.

The Cavegn Garden is particularly characterised by its plantings. Spatially, there is a difference between a lush plant zone of perennials and Edelgehölzen along the edge of the garden and an accessible, open grassy area in the middle, in which one can play and linger. The precise and angular form of the planted area is defined by the fabrication of a constructed steel edge.

Selection of the vegetation occurs according to a theme. The trees are of snake-bark acorn trees, whose habitat (growth form) is determined by its planting method: as a solitary, small tree or as densely planted shrubbery. Snake-bark acorns are marked by their pronounced and luminous leaf coloring, as well as by their striped bark. Small trees and bushes are deeply rooted in a lush, continuous bed of perennials/shrubs, which contain both wood-like and individually colored perennials/shrubs.

Cavegn Garden

Project 2009