Zürich, 2013. Labitzke Development Study.

Architecture: Knapkiewicz & Fickert , Zürich.
Structural Engineer: Urs Marti, tbf-marti ag
Construction Management: Mauro Cerrato, Perolini Baumanagement AG
Client: Mobimo AG

The former industrial area located in Labitzke, envisions a high-end development with attractive open spaces which identity remains in  characteristic elements that integrate new building structures.

Labitzke blends residential and commercial uses. It assembles the street, the building and the district area.

The idea of a s-shaped complex spanned between the two main streets, allocate large outdoor amenities such as  the central Labitzke Square and Labitzke Courtyard, to enhance a north-south street connectivity .

At the heart of the building complex, a dominant boulevard serves as a central axis to unfold the sequence of different spaces as one walks through. Labitzke Square presents itself  as a dense planted room with Tilia trees arranged in a formal grid which in combination with urban furniture become an ideal public place for social interaction.
Furthermore, some roof terraces create a distinctive atmosphere perceived from above the tree canopies adding a different view of the neighborhood .
Outdoor space and buildings form the framework for a lively local life where individuals can enjoy as part of  a social environment within a high quality urban settlement.

Zürich, Labitzke – Areal

Study 2013