Microforest. Colombia-España-Suiza, 2012-2014. Project

Artist: Pilar Garcia Abril
Dentrochronology: Fritz Schweingruber
Client: Hector Hernando Saavedra

“Microforest” is inspired in the linkage between the analysis of patterns of tree rings, commonly known as dendrochronology, and their visible interpretation in the landscape. Whereby every tree, becomes a “living archive“ recording  the constant evolution of the environment.

The project reveals this microscopic world by using ART as mediator, focusing in the aesthetic value of the wood anatomy expressed in a series of woodcut artworks. Beyond a merely graphic interpretation, the Microforest Collection aims to promote tangible reforestations in potential locations. The first Case Study (currently in development) takes place in Bogota- Colombia, which urban growth has depleted a vast extension of representative forests, situation that challeges us to find new opportunities for urban reforestation and public space enhancement.

Research project Microforest

Project 2012- 2018