Wettingen, 2012. Invited competition 1st Preis

Architecture: Althammer Hochuli Architects, Zurich
Images: Raumgleiter, Zürich
Client: Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft Wettingen / Pro Familia Baden

The aim is to create a high quality housing development for all age groups within an area of 10900m2, where dwellings meet the current and future needs of lifestyle and generations.

The place is characterized by the southern slope and the former „Gotteshaus“ Forest of Sulperg hill, depicting a walk through loose groves of trees in the landscape. The all-round permeability and versatility allows a lively exterior space to arise. For which, the monastery of Wettingen becomes the main inspiration in the use of  lower planting,  which accompanied by old and young trees, benches and meandering paths, all together create and define the space while conveying a casual atmosphere. Although the ground cover planting is not typically arranged in geometrical shapes, it provides  the edible perennials, berry bushes, and medicinal plants proper from cloister gardens.
Additional climbing plants also with edible fruits decorate certain areas of the facades. And some cut-out  island  in the planting bed compose the  private outdoor rooms of the dwellings.

Residential Development Sulperg 2 , Wettingen

Competition 1st Prize 2012. Project 2013- 2018