Rümlang, 2014. 1. Preis Commissioned Study

Architecture: Althammer Hochuli Architekten, Zurich
Visualization: Raumgleiter, Zurich
Client: Cooperative Glattal Zürich (BGZ)

The study involves the creation of  a residential development in Zürich of approximately  75 affordable houses  in the  area of Pfaffenlebern.

The project consists of seven units located on a  flat hilltop, which are embraced by natural vegetation characterized by some species such as Field maple ( Acer campestre), Wild cherry (Prunus avium) and Hawthorn (Crataegus). They appear as hedge volumes and solitaire trees that evoke the atmosphere of the local forest. Furthermore, they are seen as a wild dense vegetated carpet where the buildings and outdoor spaces have been cutout.

The dwellings and the outdoor space interlace and complement each other providing a generous single room,  that plays with the buildings shape creating also a sequence of small differentiated spaces. This central space acts as the core of the housing development, holding the units together to encourage an active community and social life. The  distinctive  chambers appearing in between buildings become the ideal rooms for playing.

Within the definition of the space, the hedges play an important role, due to its colorful and an inviting appearance serve as the background display for both,  private and public areas.

A walk through the residential area starts with a group of trees freely and carefully placed around the parking place to create a filter from the street, which then opens up to a central square identified as a gravel surface that get extended and reach the houses entrances. At the end a large playing field concludes the sequence of spaces, connecting to complementary pathways to navigate the more dense vegetation and become and ideal play area.

Residential Development Pfaffenlebern, Rümlang ZH

Competition 1st Prize 2014. Project 2015- 2018