JOB OFFER Landscape Architect with experience in all project phases and construction. can be started either immediately or scheduled.

Für die selbstständige Bearbeitung und Leitung anspruchsvoller Projekte  suchen wir ab sofort oder per Vereinbarung einen engagierten LandschaftsarchitektIn (Pensum 100%). Erwartet werden Berufserfahrung und Kompetenz in der Projektbearbeitung in allen Leistungsphasen, ein sehr gutes gestalterisch und konzeptionelles als auch technisches Verständnis, gute Pflanzkenntnisse. Erfahrung im schweizerischen Planungsumfeld sowie in der Bauleitung sind von Vorteil. Wir bietendie Möglichkeit Verantwortung für interessante Projekte zu übernehmen und ein interdisziplinäres Arbeitsumfeld.

JOB OFFER Landscape Architect for competitions and projects. Can be started either immediately or scheduled.

Applicants must be creative and work successfully within multi-disciplinary design contexts. Candidates will need to be skilled in design and graphics and be interested in the development of exiting projects and will need to be highly skilled in the basic industry programs such as (Vectorworks, InDesign, Photoshop, Word) and Model making.

If you are interested in making an application, please send a CV and a portfolio to:

10.05.2017 19:00 Uhr. Architektur Forum Zürich. Lecture by antón&ghiggi im Rahmen der Reihe “Junge Schweizer Architektinnen und Architekten”:

antón & ghiggi office profile ist selected and published in LANDEZINE:

1st and 2nd. October 2016 Zurich is Zurich Open Doors Day. Everybody is invited to re-discover the city. Visit Buildings, Churches, Theaters, Museums, Schools, Parks with different guided free tours. 2nd October at 14:00 and at 15:00 Tour Pfingstweidpark in Zürich. More Infos:

14.08.2016. Quartierpark Pfingstweid Zürich was awarded an “Auszeichnung für gute Bauten” (awarded for architectural excellence) by the city of Zürich. The second Public’s Choice goes to Quartierpark Pfingtsweid.

Auszeichnung für Gute Bauten der Stadt Zürich is an architectural prize first established in 1945 in order to evaluate superior architectural works with special respect to urbanism built within the City of Zurich.

15.08.2016. 17 Session “Frauen in der Geschichte der Gartenkultur”. The contribution of professional women to qualitative design of Open Spaces.

Three lanscape architects generations in Switzerland: Ursula Schmocker, Oberrieden (interview with Gabi Lerch, HSR); Beatrice Freidli from Klötzli Friedli Landschaftsarchitekten, Bern; Carola Antón and Dominique Ghiggi from antón & ghiggi landschaft architektur. Organisation Judith Rohrer and Silvia Steeb, Grün Stadt Zürich.

29.06.2016 BETONSUISSE  Conference in Wildegg “Bilding in Concrete”

antón & ghiggi will be one of the speakers at the conference. Registration until 10 days prior to the event date.

02.05.2016, 19:30 in Architektur Forum Ostschweiz

Lecture “Stadterosion. Oder die Faltung der Landschaft”.

Quartierpark Pfingtsweid has been nominated  for “Die Besten 2015″ under the Landscape  category.

The “Goldenen Hasen“ prizes  give recognition to the best Architecture, Design and Landscape projects in Switzerland. As part of the Landscape category, the Park Pfingtsweid in Zurich has been nominated.

31.10.2015 – 03.11.2015  Architecture Exhibition at the Maag Halle Zürich.

05.09.2015 Pfingstweid Opening Day Fest. Thank you to the whole Team!

Video Pfingstweidpark March 2015

Video construction Pfingstweidpark Zurich November 2014

Competitions 2014: 1 Prize New Housing development Pfaffenlebern, Rümlang, ZH, with Althammer Hochuli Architects. 1 Prize New Housing development Sulperg 2 Wettingen, with Althammer Hochuli Architects. 2 Rang Study contract “Bellariarain” Zürich-Wollishofen, with Althammer Hochuli Architects. 2 Prize City park Neutraubling, Bavaria. 3 Prize Rhine pedestrian bridge Rheinfelden with Conzett Bronzini Gartmann engineers +Bänziger Partner. 3 Prize School campus Schauenberg,  Zürich-Affoltern with Baumann Roserens Architects. 3 Prize Natural History Museum Basel with Caruso St John Architects. 4 Prize Housing Development Maiengasse, Basel with Buchner Bründler Architects. 5 Prize Music school, Luzern with Caruso St John Architects.

“Goldenen Hasen” Prizes 2014 nomination.

Hochparterre awarded its “Goldenen Hasen“ prizes 2014 during a public presentation at Toni-Areal venue in Zurich, to give recognition to the best Architecture, Design and Landscape projects in Switzerland. As part of the Landscape category, the residential project Sihlfeld in Zurich has been nominated, and it is currently in displayed in their official website : Hasen_2014_Landscape Category

Taiwan International Biennial Print Exhibition.

Within the artworks selected for the Biennal Print Exhibition 2014 ROC at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts are  the woodcuts called  Cissus quadrangularis, Pteridium aquiline and Caryophyllaceae from the project Microforest by the spanish artist Pilar Garcia Abril. The last piece mentioned has been acquired by the Museum to be part of its  private collection and is still displayed this winter in a curated exhibition related to this technique.


27.10.2014-23.11.2014 Exhibition Project Microforest.

As part of the exhibition “El Lenguaje del Espacio“, the project Microforest will be exhibited from 27th October until 23th November 2014 in the premises of Fundación Madariaga, located in Avda. de María Luisa in Seville-Spain. The studio seized the opportunity of the inauguration event and combined it with an office trip to the capital of Andalusia.

31.03.2014 Pfingstweid Park Groundbreaking ceremony.

Park Opening expected in Summer 2015.

Exhibition Project Microforest. April 2015 Exhibition in Bogotá, Colombia.

January – March 2015 Exhibition in Zurich. Further information coming up.

Exhibition: Prozess Landschaft: Wie lässt sich Wandel gestalten? Architekturforum. Brauerstrasse 16 8004 Zürich.  30.05.2013-17.07.2013.
The information panel for the
Pfingstweidpark’s planning application is located on site since 12.07.2013

Competitions 2013: 1 Prize Housing development with Parc “Wieseon” in Uzwil with Harder Spreyermann Architekten. 1 Prize New Housing Development in Wettingen with Althammer Hochuli Architekten. 1 Prize Hotel Park und Seeallee Heiden with K. Keller Architekten. 1 Prize Eishockey- und Volleyball-Arena, ZSC Lions und Volero Zürich with Caruso St John Architects and Conzett Bronzini Gartmann Bauingenieure. 1 Prize New Housing Building EPI Zurich with Tobler Litscher Architects. 2 Prize Arealentwicklung Schönau/Teil Nord, Wetzikon with Caruso St John Architects and Conzett Bronzini Gartmann Bauingenieure. 3 Prize Housing Development “Zahnradfabrik” in Rheinfelden mit Schneider & Schneider Architekten. 3 Prize Schoolcampus Burghalden, Baden with Buchner Bründler Architekten. 4 Prize New Housing Building Maiengasse in Basel with Buchner Bründler Architekten. Distinction Competition Clubhaus Golfpark Nuolen SZ with Bétrix & Consolaccio Architects

Competitions 2012: 1 Prize Railway station development area Schlieren with Baumann Roserens Architects. 1 Prize School and Public Space Therwill  with Gschwind Architects. 4 Prize Extension of Museum of Art in Chur with Buchner Bründler Architects. 4 Prize Urban Development Friesenberg in Zürich-Wiedikon with Meier Hug Architects. 4 PrizeNew School in Engelberg with Buchner Bründler Architects

Cissus quadrangularis

Erodium pilosum

Pteridium aquilinum

Art Project Microforest: Wood Cut Print from Pilar Garcia Abril (Sevilla). The spanish artist has inspired her work in the dendrochronological research by Fritz Schweingruber (Zürich). Different micro sections across various types of trees are reinterpreted. The work is currently displayed at the landscape architecture office antón & ghiggi: Limmatstrasse 204, Zurich.